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Foodtest - Difference between Food Intolerance and Allergy
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Difference between Food Intolerance and Allergy

Sometimes the immune system produces antibodies called immunoglobulin to specific foods. Depending on whether the immunoglobulins are IgG or IgE, they can cause either food intolerance or a food allergy. There are important differences in the two reactions.

Food Intolerance (IgG)

Food Allergy (IgE)

Slow onset: hours to days after eating
reactive food

Rapid onset: minutes to hours after eating
reactive food

Reactions are usually to foods eaten most

Reactions are relatively rare

Chronic disease strongly associated with
food intolerance

Is an acute reaction: usually quick and

Can affect any tissue or organ in the body

Usually affects airways, skin or intestine

Difficult to detect without testing

Readily apparent after eating food allergen