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Foodtest - FOODTEST 200+ sampling at home
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FOODTEST 200+ sampling at home

We recommend you to request the sampling in our laboratory which is performed by our experts.
You can collect your blood sample at your home as well. We provide you our FOODTEST 200+ Blood Collection Kit to perform a finger-prick sampling by yourself.

Warning! If your home blood collection would be failed for any reason please contact us. You can request a sampling in our laboratory without any extra charge.

How can you order the service?
Plese choose the FOODTEST 200+ on-line registration menu.

How does the blood sampling at home?
-Register and login to the test at home FOODTEST 200+ sampling.
- We send E-mail to inform the terms of payment and inform the next steps.
- Pay the FOODTEST 200+ fee.
- We send the sampling equipment to you by post.
- Read the FOODTEST 200+ blood collection kit user manual and fill out the request form.
- Make blood collection.
- Order a courier service as shown on the envelope.
- We send your FOODTEST 200+ report by e-mail.

Proccess of sampling at home

FOODTEST - tájékoztató Please read the complete procedure carefully before blood collection!
FOODTEST - kérőlap Complete the FOODTEST 200+ request form and sign it.
FOODTEST - azonosító adatok megadása Write your name and date of sampling on the label on the transport tube.
FOODTEST - tiszta bőrfelület szükséges Wash your hands in warm water as this helps to soften the skin and encourage blood flow.
FOODTEST - vegye le a kupakot a csőről Remove the orange cap from the blood collection tube.
FOODTEST - vegye le a kupakot a tűről Remove the protective cap from the sterile lancet.
FOODTEST - illessze a piros részt az ujjbegyéhez Place red raised platform end of safety lancet on the test side.
FOODTEST - erősen szorítsa le hüvejkujjával a tű másik végét Gently push safety lancet against test site to activate the lancet mechanism. A slight prick may be felt as the skin is punctured.
FOODTEST - préselje ki a vért a sebből Gently massage the finger in the direction of the puncture site to obtain the required volume of blood.
FOODTEST - gyűjtse a kicsepegő vért a csőbe Draw your finger over the edge of the blood tube to allow the blood to be scraped off into the tube. Continue filling until the blood tube is about half full. (3) It may be necessary to use the second lancet to make another puncture on a different finger if the blood flow stops before the tube is half full.
FOODTEST - a narancssárga kupakkal zárja be a csövet When the blood has been collected, replace the orange cap on the blood collection tube.
FOODTEST - rakja be a csövet a nagyobb csőbe Place the blood collection tube in the transport tube
FOODTEST - rakja a csövet a dobozba Put the transport tube, disposal bag, and FOODTEST 200+ request form into the collection kit box.
FOODTEST - a mintát futár szállítja el hozzánk Place the kit box in the plastic envelope and follow the instruction indicated on the envelope.Place the kit box in the plastic envelope and follow the instruction indicated on the envelope.